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Just change the navigation option to historic



You'll then see a home button on every page


For the link to each LO if you want that to be dynamic you could put the
collection in a folder, add them all to the rss feed and then use that
folder rss feed to provide a dynamic list of links and even display that
feed in a separate LO.


Or embed each LO in a Bootstrap project.


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I'm making a series of LOs about using lab equipment. The first page of each
one is a Hotspot Connector page with each hotspot connecting to a Video page
with brief notes and a video. I want an easy way for users to return to the
first page of the LO without having to navigate via the menu or arrows at
the bottom. So I've added a 'back to start page' Xerte page link on every
page. It works fine but looks ugly and feels cumbersome! 


Is there a better/prettier way to do this? Perhaps making a 'back to start
page' button in the footer somehow? I've seen reference to 'historic' nav
buttons but can't seem to find it now.


I'm also looking for a neat way to allow users to see an 'index' of all the
equipment guides I've made. So I've made a separate LO with links to all the
guides, and put a 'Main Index of Video Guides' hyperlink onto the first page
of each LO so users can get to the index. Again, it feels clunky.


Neither are mission critical but I'd like to make theses guides look as
professional as possible. 


Any suggestions for how I can improve these?


Here's a link to one of the guides, so you can see what I'm talking about:







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