[Xerte] Error message when playing/publishing content of type Text

Naveed Hashmi Naveed.Hashmi at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Apr 13 13:43:11 BST 2016

Hi Pat,

When I execute 'php upload.php', I see : 'Session is invalid or expired'

The response in Chrome for jquery.min.js:5 POST
https://xerte-beta.bris.ac.uk/editor/upload.php 500 (Internal Server Error)
shows 'This request has no response data available'.



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        type Text
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Hi Naveed,

I've not debugged for a while and the code has changed so this is a bit
of a guess

look in editor/upload.php

This returns true if it works

So the logic is something is happening before it gets to true

So here is what I would do (this is based on using chrome)

Before you click play press f12
then click play
then go back to the console window
click on network
click on response

What do you see as the response?
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