[Xerte] Re: Emedding/delivering large video files in Xerte - performance impact?

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Wed Mar 25 14:39:57 GMT 2015

You are far better off providing a streaming service or getting users to use an external service for large video files and embedding from there.


In the past when we only had the Flash player delivery of Xerte content embedding from streaming services was a bit more problematic but now with the html 5 player embed code can be added anywhere more or less regardless of the service used.


In some circumstance uploading small videos direct to an LO might be justified but in most cases embedding from a streaming service is always advisable.


Performance impact of uploading and delivering direct obviously depends on numbers but I suspect in reality this will be most noticeable on mobile consumption via lower bandwidth connections where a streaming service is always going to povide better learner experience.





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I'm a newbie to XOT ...  we are planning on implementing the Xerte Online Toolkit  Kits as a Univeristy wide service. One concern raised was around the possibility of uploading and delivering large video files embedded in the learning objects to many users. And the expectation that multiple users would view the video at the same time'ish. I expect there to be a performance impact due to bandwidth. What are others doing? will XOT cope? or do you provide a link to a video streaming service which stores all your video files?



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