[Xerte] adding mp4 via the wysiwyg editor to sub pages etc?

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Mon Jul 6 21:31:15 BST 2015


following a discussion and question from Alistair just wondering about this
and not thinking straight :-(


Is there's a way to add some script in source view (notts template xerte 3)
to embed an mp4 in any page or nested page with a filelocation link, rather
than full url, and have the video display with the player controls and also
crucially still work when exported for offline use without an online
connection? e.g. rather than adding an optional video property to each
navigator page, like there is an optional image property in the navigators,
I'm wondering if there's a way to fire the media player and pass a file name
uploaded to the media folder all via script so that this could work on any


I guess longer term a custom button in the editor, like the one for Flash or
online media, might be the answer but wondering about a quick cheat via


Any suggestions?


Fay - where did you get to with the combined Navigator including video in
sub pages? Is that for a future release or for Xerte 3 final?




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