[Xerte] Re: Database and USERFILES copy?

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Feb 25 10:05:46 GMT 2015

Well, the database will remain intact. The user files folder should just copy over. In theory it's all quite straightforward. Once you get the new server up and running on its own you should be able to change the database to point to the old one, and copy in the user-files folder.

I think?

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Hi Xerte Wizards

We're building a new server to replace an out of service Windows 2003 box which is currently running Xerte Online Toolkits 2.

Is there a guide, or any steps we can take, to migrate all the content from a previous Xerte install to a new instance? I'd rather not have to go down the path of getting users to export Xerte objects in order to re-import into the new version.

I was hoping there's a database + user files copy trick?

Thanks, Adam

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