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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Tue May 27 17:41:16 BST 2014

We previously surveyed via the mailing list whether requiring PHP 5.x was ok
and the concensus was yes and most were running at least 5.2.

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> I understand the reasoning, and I do (really) appreciate you doing the 
> work you did. It makes it easier to modify the db back-end, and it 
> makes XOT safer against SQL injection.

Yes. Note there are outstanding pull requests to merge into XOT on github.

> 1. I do think we should probably implement database_library.php using 
> PDO (I would like to do it that way)

Fine with me.

> 2. I do think sqlite has its merits, only not as a default, certainly 
> not for an update

Well - the fact it would make installation a lot easier on LAMP/WAMP style
set ups is one of the big pluses I think - i.e. there is no need to edit any
setting files, try and get MySQL working or go into /setup.

Just upload to the server and fix permissions on USER-FILES.

The downsides are that it has no (real) security / no support for multiple
users, and isn't going to persist very well post-reboot at the moment!

> 3. I think for the time being mysql should still be the default.
> So, again, thank you! I would appreciate a PDO implementation if you 
> have one, I will modify the installer to ask what engine to use (and 
> include sqlite) and go from there.

No problem. I can create a PDO variant easily enough. I'll create a pull
request once done.


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