[Xerte] Re: Xerte Toolkits - installation and management special

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Tue May 27 17:07:23 BST 2014


I understand the reasoning, and I do (really) appreciate you doing the 
work you did. It makes it easier to modify the db back-end, and it makes 
XOT safer against SQL injection.

1. I do think we should probably implement database_library.php using 
PDO (I would like to do it that way)
2. I do think sqlite has its merits, only not as a default, certainly 
not for an update
3. I think for the time being mysql should still be the default.

So, again, thank you! I would appreciate a PDO implementation if you 
have one, I will modify the installer to ask what engine to use (and 
include sqlite) and go from there.


David Goodwin schreef op 27-5-2014 17:59:
> On 27/05/14 16:37, Tom Reijnders wrote:
>> FYI
>> I'll make sure to be present as well.
>> Ron, we should discuss David Goodwins solution to using sqlite, before
>> the meeting. I understand what he's trying to accomplish, but don't know
>> whether it's the best way forward.
> My aim was to validate that XOT was no longer 'hooked' on MySQL or the 
> mysql_ functions from PHP -- which are apparently scheduled for 
> deprecation beginning in PHP 5.6 (release imminent).
> Swapping it to SQLite was an easy way of validating this, and the 
> auto-setup stuff was an added because I could....
> It is the case that database_library.php could (perhaps should?) use 
> PDO, in which case there'd be no need for the separate 
> database_library_sqlite.php file. Making such a change to 
> database_library.php shouldn't be difficult - I just haven't done it.
> I wasn't sure if there'd be an issue with me changing the database 
> backend to be PDO based. PDO has been around since PHP v5.1. Is it 
> therefore safe to use/depend on?
> David.


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