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You can't. Xerte is strictly a content creation tool. So you can create 
users, but those are the users that can create content.

When the content is ready, you can publish the Learning object and 
supply your learners a link, so that they can view the content, but they 
don't need any credentials.

If you need to track the students, an/or control access to the Learning 
object, you need a system like Moodle, and place the Learning Objects in 
Moodle, using SCORM.



imran molvi schreef op 20-3-2014 13:38:
> Hello,
> I have successfully installed Xerte.
> Can you please guide me on how to create users. I want to create 
> interactive contents and deliver it to students. I do not want the 
> students to create their own contents. I have chosen Xerte to deliver 
> a distance learning course.
> Can you please tell me if I have chosen xerte as the right platform?
> Because I want to use it like Moodle where students only have 
> privileges to read the course content but not to modify or create 
> their own.
> How can I create users on Xerte and enrol them in the course.
> Thanks.
> Imran
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