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Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Mon Mar 17 12:58:20 GMT 2014

We are aware of the first two issues. The first will certainly not be 
solved in the current flash wizard.

I'll look into the second issue. If it is a simple fix, we'll implement it.

The third issue is actually caused by a quirk in flash. What really 
happens is that you have a bunch of paragraphs surrounded by just 1 <li> 
</li> and it was rendered as a list.

We are planning to move to a HTML5 version of the editor, and this will 
have a proper HTML wysiwyg editor. When that will happen is still a bit 
unclear (it's a lot of work)

István Peto" schreef op 17-3-2014 12:16:
> Hello,
> I found several issues related to bullet lists in HTML5 version of 
> Xerte LO's:
> - When I simply mark a paragraph as bullet list with right click in 
> XOT, Xerte doesn't create the proper HTML code, <ul> tag is missing 
> which causes incorrect visualisation in Firefox (it's already 
> mentioned here: 
> http://lists.nottingham.ac.uk/pipermail/xerte-dev/2013-May/004947.html) I 
> can add <ul></ul> tags in XOT manually, but it's not a very convenient 
> way of editing.
> As far as I see, in bullets model it works great, <ul> tags are added 
> properly.
> - I can't create bullet list in navigators (like accordion or tabbed 
> navigation) because < and > characters in <li> tags are transcoded to 
> < and >
> - There was a very handy way of creating bullet list in the previous, 
> flash version of Xerte LO's: I don't need to select paragraphs and add 
> bullets one by one, I can select and convert the whole text instead. 
> In the flash LO's every paragraph got its own bullet. But in HTML5 
> version only the first paragraph became bulleted so I have to convert 
> them separately.
> Any suggestion on these problems would be appreciated!
> Regards,
> Istvan
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