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imran molvi molvi.imran at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 17:21:07 GMT 2014


I am in the process pf installing Xerte into our Moodle system.

I am on the My SQL Database creation page and it gives me an error when I
click next. The error is Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading
initial communication packet', system error: 111.
Creating MySQL Database Failed!

I have copied the contents of our original Moodle. I have created a sub
domain and put the copied contents into it. This allowed me to view moodle
into the newly created sub domain as well. Then I downloaded xerte online
toolkit, created a folder into the new sub domain (where moodle is
installed) and pasted the contents of xerte into it. I am able to go
through the first steps to install xerte but fails at the SQL creation
page. I am using the same database name, username and password of our
original Moodle system.

Can you please assist me with this.

Our URL is


Many thanks.
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