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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Wed Jun 11 11:03:11 BST 2014

At the moment your site url should be
http://camchem.net/hrxerte/xertetoolkits_2.1/ because that's where you have
the xerte code. Can you access the database and change that so that the
site_url field is as above?

That said I'd be inclined to start again and put the code in
http://camchem.net/hrxerte/ e.g. drop the database, move the code and
re-install from that location.

As soon as you've done that and checked it's working be sure to remove the
setup folder.




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I am attempting to install Xerte on an external VPS (NTC Hosting), however
it won't open!


The setup appeared to work fine, but when I go to the weblink it says that
"the website cannot display the page" (that's in IE9 - I get a blank page on
my chromebook).

When I look through the information on the Toolkits Set up page, the only
warnings I get are about the site url (which is correctly entered), and that
I might like to change the import path (I assume that this is a security

Is there any way that you could help me sort out my problems?


Incidentally, this is a server that is being hosted externally and run by
the chemistry department at Hills Rd 6th Form College in Cambridge for
Moodle, and is not linked to the college systems or database.


The Moodle site is at http://camchem.net/chemistry

The Xerte installation should be at http://camchem.net/hrxerte but I have an
extra folder, so you have to open xertetoolkits_2.1 from the index page.


Best wishes,


Mike Carrington




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