[Xerte] Re: Compressed (zip) folder is invalid and LDAP errors.

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Mon Jul 28 14:51:34 BST 2014

Re the zip export from 2.0 are you using IE by any chance? Can you try a different browser? Also make sure projects are published before exporting and test with a small project to eliminate size issues.


>From memory there were some issues for some (minority) users using IE but not a conclusive cause/solution and those same users were able to export ok using Chrome or Firefox.



Did you install from scratch or an upgrade? If the latter did you run upgrade.php? It's always difficult to troubleshoot this kind of issue because configurations vary but as far as I'm aware 2.1 should work fine with LDAP once the settings are correct but it may depend on exactly which revision.



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Hello List,

Our users are able to export from version 2.0 as far as a zip file is created, but on trying to open the zip file are told it is invalid and it can neither be opened nor imported. Any idea why? 


We need to transfer to a new server soon which has 2.1 installed. Guest access and zip export works fine on the new server, but cannot get LDAP to work despite using the same settings as our 2.0 server. There seem to be few problems with LDAP on 2.1 noted elsewhere, but from debug logs we simply get the following repeated, so some key process is not taking place?

2014-07-18 12:04:48 /var/www/xertetoolkits/website_code/php/database_library.php139Running : SELECT * FROM xertesitedetails


As LDAP login does not work, had hoped to simply set the few users up via the database authentication method and have them import their files -hence our discovery of the zip problem.


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