[Xerte] Diacritics in LO titles

Fred Riley Fred.Riley at bcu.ac.uk
Mon Jul 7 16:43:07 BST 2014

Hi all

I've just tried to rename a Xerte Toolkits LO to " Criomagan Gàidhlig" but got the message " This is not a valid name. Please use only letters and numbers", which also appeared when I removed the space, though " Criomagan Gaidhlig" was ok, so plainly XOT doesn't like the diacritic "à". I also tried using a HTML character entity ("Criomagan Gàidhlig"). Is this a known 'feature'? This is probably a FAQ but it's really not a big deal, and I'm not looking for a fix - I can do without the diacritic in the LO title, no bother. I'm just after knowing if diacritics are no-nos in titles.



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