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Alistair McNaught Alistair.McNaught at HEAcademy.ac.uk
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Hi Ron
It’s Alistair that created the learning object – Pat does different clever stuff ☺

Yes, I used PowerPoint as described – NOT the inbuilt PPT animation but something much simpler, just creating the key slide, duplicating it, tweaking, duplicating the tweaked one and retweaking etc.

This gave me a bunch of individual slides, each a separate animation frame. Save those as .gif from the PPT Save as options then merge the ten or so gif images that result into an animated gif using an appropriate tool (Photoscape/Unfreez if you can’t afford commercial tools).

The Google forms drop in nicely using the Navigator > Embed content page


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Hello Pat:

Sorry if I’m missing something here, but did you use PPT to create the image in slide 4 – then saved as an animated gif?

I see you are using Google forms on several pages….I’ve not used them but that looks very useful as long as the data can be retrieved easily.


There is real advantage in using PPT to create the frames because it is really familiar to people, flexible and easy to use. It doesn’t allow onion skinning etc but I’ve produced several things using this approach – see slide 4 of http://vle.jisctechdis.ac.uk/xerte/play_477 where the beach transect process is illustrated.

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