[Xerte] Re: SCORM 1.2 tracking - eFront

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Mon Jan 20 12:46:00 GMT 2014

I'll check. All SCORM code is in JavaScript, there is no need to make a new install if you only changed php.

Furthermore, xerte standalone SCORM tracking is on a completely different level than current xot. Can you send me a sample package?


Tomasz Seliga <seliga at ai.com.pl> schreef:
>Tom, thank you for your answer.
>Unfortunately I think you are in mistake:
>eFront supports SCORM 1.2 
>SCORM 2004 included in paid distribution.
>Also SCORM 1.2 packages created in Xerte (stand alone version), works 
>correctly, and different examples from the internet works too, so this 
>is a reason for I think it is not problem with eFront.
>Maybe there is a problem with my Xerte Online Toolkits installation.
>time ago I made there a lot of changes in php code. I'll install it
>again at clean server and I'll see what happens
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