[Xerte] Re: SCORM 1.2 tracking - eFront

Tomasz Seliga seliga at ai.com.pl
Mon Jan 20 07:39:11 GMT 2014

Tom, thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately I think you are in mistake:
eFront supports SCORM 1.2 
SCORM 2004 included in paid distribution.
Also SCORM 1.2 packages created in Xerte (stand alone version), works 
correctly, and different examples from the internet works too, so this 
is a reason for I think it is not problem with eFront.
Maybe there is a problem with my Xerte Online Toolkits installation. Few 
time ago I made there a lot of changes in php code. I'll install it once 
again at clean server and I'll see what happens


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