[Xerte] Problem with ispring template displaying the wrong size when viewed full screen in flash

Dave Foord dave at a6training.co.uk
Wed Jan 8 11:01:19 GMT 2014

I hope someone here can help!

I have created a XOT object which contains an animation created in PowerPoint. In the html5 version there is no problem as the animation was saved 
as an mp4 video file which worked a treat no problem, however the client needs the output to be in flash as well as html5 (as they have old IE 
computers). the only way I could get the animation to be sufficiently clear within the flash output was to create this using ispring and use the 
ispring page in XOT - which works great if viewing this in the default window size, but if it is being viewed with the fullscreen window size, when 
you move forward to that page, it shows only the top left corner of the page which is hugely magnified.

If I access the page in default mode and then change it to fullscreen, it it fine, but if I am already in fullscreen mode it isn't.

Can anyone advise of a solution to this for me please.

Thanks in advance

Dave Foord
A6 Training & Consultancy Ltd

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