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Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
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That's certainly the best way to manage LOs if you don't need SCORM tracking.

Julian Tenney <Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk> schreef:
>Also, if you run it from a server, you don’t need to export the SCORM
>packages, just link to them in situ. It’s much easier to manage them
>that way.
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>MAXOS is great for local-only use but you do lose the bells and
>whistles of the server install such as the ability to collaborate as
>authors, the ability to set up an export feed so learners/users can
>subscribe to your Xerte Los and get instant updates and changes to Los.
>I’m not experienced in the SCORM side so will leave others to comment
>but my preference would be to go for a server installation wherever
>possible. There are also people on this list who can set up hosted
>versions for a fee (it’s not me so there’s no commercial interest to
>declare!) if you needed to avoid giving extra work to IT staff on
>patient care systems
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>Subject: [Xerte] Minimum installation to export SCORM
>I am a medical librarian in the states and I have used XOT (thanks to
>the sandpit!) to create a course for proof of concept. I exported it to
>SCORM and we deliver it using a hosted learning management system
>called HealthStream.
>In order to create other RLOs to deliver I was wondering what the
>minimum installation is that I would need in order to export SCORM
>content. We do not need to be running XOT behind Moodle or anything
>like that. Would it be easiest to use MAXOS and not bother with
>installing on my desktop PC or bothering Info Technology to install on
>an intranet server or is there some other recommended approach.
>Our IT folks are more focused on patient care systems, so I want to
>give them the easiest possible solution.
>Thank you -
>Steve Rauch
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