[Xerte] Controlling a Flash .swf from Xerte

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Mon Feb 17 21:28:28 GMT 2014

Xerte Gurus,

I'm beating my head on the wall with this one.
For a software simulation I use a graphics icon and loadImage() to load a series of screenshots based on the user's input.  However, this causes a flash and a slight lag while transitioning from 1 picture to the next.

I put the screenshots in subsequent frames of a flash app and set the frame action to stop().  I think I should be able to access the flash movieclip object using the Id of a graphics icon.  Then I could use IdIcon.gotoAndStop(frame) to control the simulation.  This doesn't seem to work.

I've tried compiling the flash for both Actionscript 2.0 and 1.0 with no luck.
I've also tried IdIcon.nextFrame() - but that doesn't do anything either.
When the icon loads, IdIcon._currentframe, _framesloaded, and _totalframes all return 1 even though I added a button on the flash that lets it advance frame by frame (and that works even when pulled up in Xerte).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day,

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