[Xerte] Re: Interface/authoring options for Xerte?

Pat L (pgogy) xerte at pgogywebstuff.com
Fri Aug 29 20:40:26 BST 2014

XOT can display in flash or HTML - the editor is still flash
A JS editor is being developed - join the dev list

On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 6:31 PM, Smith, Bradley <brsmith at akamai.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have a few questions I haven’t been able to answer by poking around on
> the site and in the docs I’ve found, so I’m hoping that someone here can
> help.
> First, I mentioned (off-topically) in another thread that I’ve been
> finding the templates for lesson objects in XOT a bit limiting, and asked
> about ways to develop my own. Shortly thereafter I noticed the link to
> “Xerte Desktop” on the downloads page, which sounds like it could be what
> I’m looking for. However, the only download option is for a Windows
> installed. Am I correct in inferring that if you’re on a Mac or Linux
> you’re limited to the XOT interface, which is limited to simplified
> templates? Is there any other way to develop more complex xerte-compatible
> learning objects if you’re not using Windows?
> Second, on the website it says that Xerte is now available in HTML5. Does
> this only refer to the ability to export HTML5 content, or is there a
> non-flash version of the XOT interface somewhere I’m missing. I think my
> confusion here is because I’d been thinking that “Xerte” and XOT are the
> same thing. Is it more accurate to say that “Xerte” refers to the content
> that XOT outputs?
> Finally, one thing I mind myself missing a lot on XOT is a WYSIWYG editor
> for formatting text with html. Especially if there is a non-Flash version
> of the tool that I could hack on, I’d be interested in seeing what would be
> involved in adding one (e.g. a js-based editor like TinyMCE). Has any work
> been done on that that I should know about, or is there a reason why this
> wouldn’t be worth trying?
> Thanks to anyone who can help!
> —Brad
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