[Xerte] Re: bug with YouTube captions vanishing in Chrome (under HTML5)

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Aug 8 15:46:36 BST 2014

If you take xerte out of the picture, i.e. just embed the youtube in a  simple html page, what happens?

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Don't know whether others may have noticed this behaviour already, but here at Edinburgh we are just switching our Xerte learning object (the Mantra course) over to deployment as HTML (i.e. zip files), and a bug seems to have appeared.

In Chrome, when you watch an embedded youtube video, the captions will only appear while the youtube menu buttons are up. When you move your mouse away, and the youtube menu bar disappears, the captions also vanish.

Whereas in Firefox and Internet Explorer the captions seem fine.

V strange!

Any help much appreciated, thank you.

The development version which is displaying the bug is here: http://datalib-at.edina.ac.uk/mantra/researchdataexplained/

And the live version which has the normal behaviour is here: http://datalib.edina.ac.uk/xerte/play.php?template_id=9

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