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Hello John:


I don't pretend to understand the architecture concerns you folks are
discussing but wondering about this concept of 'deeplinking' - which I
assume to be loading an LO and going directly to a specific page. When doing
this would there be any way to pass authentication parameter to the LO
(loginID, password, companyID) and then trigger an event to query a dbase to
authenticate the user, then make a decision to allow/disallow?




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I know that, but it's not just about the menu links, it's the signaling that
a particular page has been completed.


For example, Tom has a request in Github for a way to generate pdfs (for
certificates - it's been asked on the list before a couple of times I seem
to remember). Just now when the LO loads it would be relatively trivial to
add &page=35 to the end of the LO to go straight to the certificate
generation page. I'm not saying that it could be made foolproof for someone
with intimate knowledge of the system but we could at least try to log that
each page had been loaded, possibly even each activity completed. who knows.


I'm not disagreeing with you just trying to look at the fuller picture. I
know XOT has gone WAY beyond your wildest dreams - well  I'm not 100% sure




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