[Xerte] Xerte 2.0 problem templates

John P Murtagh j.p.murtagh at uel.ac.uk
Mon May 20 19:48:57 BST 2013

Hello all
I’ve been using the newly HTML 5 compliant Xerte Toolkit version 2.0 to create an online course using the templates on offer.

However, I’ve noticed that the HTML 5 compliant toolkit is not handling images very well. The background image (jpg, png) I’ve created for the templates are not appearing but only as broken icons. Also the Advanced image template is not handling an uploaded image either. I’ve tried different sizes and even the text accompanied with that template is not appearing.

I’ve tried both flash and HTML 5 version of the toolkit but nothing seems to work.

Also the Audio Slideshow doesn’t play the audio I’ve uploaded (five minute clips of MP3).

Is anyone else using version 2.0 and having the same problems? I’ve noted that Advanced Image and Audio Slideshow templates in Xerte 2.0 have been described as compliant with HTML 5. But it’s not compliant with flash either.

I’ve also used a flash template using SWF file but that isn’t showing in preview either.

Any suggestions or notes welcome!

Best wishes

John Murtagh

Research Data Management Officer

Library and Learning Services

University of East London (Docklands campus)

j.p.murtagh at uel.ac.uk | (0)208 223 6462 | Twitter: @RDM_UEL | blog |

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