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Session time out is a problem, as well as the corruption of the XML

Might a temp copy make sense sent via a setTimeout? or something?

This could be deleted when the file was next saved?

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 Just an idea.
 Can the pasting problem of Office be bypassed by using  ?

 I've also lost pages but this was due to a time-out problem where the
session wasn't valid anymore.

 Best regards,

     John Bijnens

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	This is always bad news. Happily it doesn’t seem to be happening
often. From time to time it happens here as well, and almost every
time it is because people are pasting in text from MSOffice or
elsewhere that carries unseen formatting that breaks the XML, as much
as we try and protect it. There is better error handling code in there
now than the early days so if you upgrade it may improve – of
course, if it’s a rare occurrence, it’s hard to tell.


	We do test to see if the xml is well formed, and prevent it being
saved if it isn’t, but I think from time to time things do slip
though, and when this happens no one can tell us exactly what they
were doing when it broke. We hear ‘well, I, er, dunno, but it was
working one minute, and not the next… pardon? Paste form word, no, I
don’t think so, er, shouldn’t I do that then, oh, I didn’t know
that…’ etc, so it’s hard to replicate things and prevent them
happening again.


	If it happens, the first thing to look at is whether data and
preview.xml files are the same. If they are, there’s probably not
much you can do about it, but try and see if the xml file contains
more info than they are seeing in the editor. If so, some of it might
be able to be rescued. 


	If they are different, you can restore to the last good published
place. If you can catch a real example I’d love to see it, because
this is about the worst thing that can happen, and it shouldn’t be








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	Hi – apologies if this has already been covered, but I have now had
several incidents of data disappearing from Xerte objects and wondered
if this was a known problem, and/or what the solutions might be.


	It happens infrequently (4/5 times over the last two versions that we
have had installed during the last couple of years), we’re currently
on version 1.7.


	I think what happens is that data gets corrupted/lost during the
saving process. For example the most recent case the LO was about 40
pages and was saved normally, but when we went to open it again it
contained only 29 pages.





	Kingston University



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