[Xerte] Re: Sound wait parameter ignored on server

Dave Burnett d_b_burnett at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 29 15:15:39 GMT 2013

Sort of just like this one.http://lists.nottingham.ac.uk/pipermail/xerte/2008-September/000736.html
The thread got hijacked so I don't know if there was a resolution.

From: d_b_burnett at hotmail.com
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Subject: RE:Sound wait parameter ignored on server
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 09:20:29 -0400

Mp3's matching bullet point.
Wait 1Loop 0Play 1
URL FileLocation + 'yaddayadda/9-2_65728_1.mp3'
Works correctly locally.On server Wait is ignored and I get all 4 bullet point and audios at once. 		 	   		   		 	   		  
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