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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Wed Mar 27 20:04:25 GMT 2013

Hi John

you've said that you receive message from the technical list so I'm replying
here. The problem is that if there are lengthy discussions of a technical
nature on the xerteforteachers list we get teachers unsubscribing so we have
to be careful to avoid that if possible. You ought to be able to resolve why
you can't post here - perhaps try unsubscribing and subscribing with a
different email?


What you are describing sounds like a Moodle 'feature' where it doesn't
allow access via http://moodle as well as http://www.moodle is that the case
here? e.g. are you accessing moodle via www and xerte via http or the
reverse? If it is that try making them both the same - you might need to
edit the xerte url in the site details table.


If it's not that I'm wondering if xerte can't access the moodle session for
some reason? session save path? Does the xerte install work ok with guest
rather than moodle authentication set in auth_config.php? It sounds like the
integration_path is set correctly otherwise you wouldn't be prompted to
login to moodle. 


I have installs working fine where xot isn't in the moodle directory but as
I've said you then have to provide a link to the install from Moodle or
manually visit the url once logged in. When xerte is within the Moodle
directory it automatically redirects upon login just like it does when
visiting a moodle resource or activity direct. The fact that it doesn't when
xerte is outside the Moodle directory is a security protection within Moodle
code and nothing to do with Xerte itself.





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Hi Ron,


I do get the technical posts but I am wondering if this is registered with a
different SIP address I have at the College...


Anyway - the XOT site is on the same server as the moodle install - but not
in the same site. So the config file for moodle is relative to the XOT


When I log into Moodle, then log into XOT I get the Moodle error message
saying I am accessing the site from the incorrect URL and then it takes me
back to the moodle install...


Will I need to put the XOT install into the moodle directory - not what I
really want to do...


Thanks for your assistance...



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Forwarding this reply to the xerte list...


If your xot directory is outside the moodle directory it won't automatically
redirect back to xot upon login. However if you put a link to the xot
install on a Moodle page or once logged into moodle browse to the xot
address in the same browser window does that work?





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I know this is not the correct forum to post this message to but our
technician has posted the message below twice today on the technical list
and has not yet seen his message come through so not sure if the list has a
problem, can someone please advise?


John's email address is john.rickard at st-austell.ac.uk





Shirley Crawford 
E-Learning Teaching Mentor

(Room J453 Tel:external: 01726 226755 ext 2755)
Cornwall College - St Austell 


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Subject: Xerte/Moodle on a subdomain


Morning Everyone


I have just installed XOT onto one of our Moodle Servers to use inline with
a moodle instance we have running. I have setup the Moodle integration side
of things, which seems to be working, but I am now stuck in a loop on


I log into the moodle site, then try and browse to XOT and get pushed back
to Moodle, as the server address is not correct.


The sites are on the same server, but different folders and apache sites.


Any assistance would be helpful.


Thanks in advance

John Rickard
Senior Technical Officer
Cornwall College Group
Trevenson Road
TR15 3RD

(   +44 (0)1209 616169

8     <http://www.cornwall.ac.uk/> www.cornwall.ac.uk

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