[Xerte] Re: XOT SCORM2004 and Blackboard - any experiences?

Katrien Bernaerts katrien.bernaerts at toll-net.be
Fri Mar 22 15:29:21 GMT 2013


On the moment there is no tracking.  The results don't send already to the

Our organization has budget to develop SCORM. Tom Reijnders has already
begun to develop the Scorm.  
We hope to release by June.


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Onderwerp: [Xerte] XOT SCORM2004 and Blackboard - any experiences?

Hello Colleagues!

We are just starting to experiment with Xerte Online Toolkits here at

I've been testing creating simple Learning Objects with Xerte, exporting to
SCORM 2004 and importing as a SCORM package into Blackboard 9.1 SP8 with the
latest version of the Rustici SCORM Engine 2011.8.10809.

Has anyone had any success getting results from a quiz within a XOT learning
object going back into the Grade Centre?  I've been trying with various
options and have yet to be successful.  

When loading the object into Blackboard I receive this notification:

"The importer determined that this manifest is most likely compatible with
the SCORM 2004 standard. However, there is a resource node with a scormtype
(lower case 't') attribute indicating that this manifest may have been
intended to be a SCORM 1.2 manifest and thus may not play correctly."

I've also noticed that the full screen button doesn't usually have an

Has anyone compliled a list of known issues with using Xerte Objects in

And if anyone has a nice example learning object that works well with
Blackboard using SCORM and passing scores back to the Grade Centre I would
be very interested in testing it here, so as to be sure that our Xerte OT
server is set up correctly and not the cause of the difficulties I've been

Thanks, and happy Fridays!


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