[Xerte] Re: XOT Installation on same Web Server as Moodle

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
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Hi quick responses...


If you have Moodle 2.4 then you have everything required for Xerte Online

I'm just preparing this week's Xerte Friday which is all about installation
etc and the basic requirements are as follows:

Server hardware - Typically Linux or Windows

Server software - Typically Apache or IIS

PHP 5.2 or later 

Database software - MySQL only

It sounds like you will have all those and upgrading those components in
future is unlikely to cause and problems for Xerte

XOT does not require XAMPP indeed XAMPP is not recommended for a production
server only for local development

XOT works extremely well together with Moodle in fact if you don't have
access to LDAP for authentication then your best option is to install Xerte
inside the Moodle installation and use Moodle for authentication. There is a
readme file in the xerte download describing how to do this.




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Dear Xerte members,


I am a VLE Developer working for a Work Based Training Provider called HTP
Training and I should be grateful if you could answer a query I have and
offer any advice you think may be relevant.


We are currently running Moodle 2.4 and looking at using Xerte in the future
as part of our content development strategy.


Although we host our Moodle site in-house on our own server we employ a
third-party IT company to provide operational support for the hardware and
its operating system (Linux). They also handle installation of new software
and PC support.


We asked our IT company to install the "Xerte Online Toolkits" and they
replied with the following comments:-


"Xerte online tools uses many of the same processes and packages as Moodle
and I would worry installing it on the Moodle server, if say Moodle needed a
different level of apache, php, mysql or anything else it could cause a
problem with Xerte or vice versa. Also, looking at the install instructions
Xerte wants XAMPP installing over the top of Linux, this would likely also
break Moodle. This will need another web server by the looks of it."


We don't have the technical knowledge to evaluate this response and it would
be extremely helpful to me if someone could confirm whether there is indeed
a potential conflict if Xerte and Moodle share the same web server thus
requiring a separate server and whether you can offer any advice on handling
this situation.


Many thanks for your help.


Terry Sullivan


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