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Hi Emma
This might not answer all your image problems but the images only degrade if they are shrunk to fit the space available. I don't think Xerte ever enlarges images but it will shrink them to make them fit space available.

>From my own experiments I compiled the attached list of maximum image sizes for different page types. If you check the size of your images with these you may find your images are too big and therefore subjecting themselves to shrinking - it's not an issue in a photograph but in a screenshot with words and menus it is more problematic. To get a screenshot of the right size my advice would be

1)      Get hold of a free screenruler tool - there are plenty around. I use portablepegtopruler, WinRulerPortable or ScreenRuler.exe (all free, all portable) as the fancy takes me. Line this up against the area you are thinking of capturing.

2)      Use the built in zoom tool in whatever software you are demoing so that it fits the dimensions you need from the attached Doc

3)      Use a free image capture tool like FSCapture, WinSnap, Snippy etc to snap a screen capture that is below the maximum size.

Replace this image with the previous one you used and you should be OK.... Until you start viewing on a mobile device... though if you are using the sandpit you don't have the mobile export option until we upgrade in the next few weeks.

If you never intend to use LOs in a mobile context and you only want to use the Flash based version then an alternative approach is to save images as SWF files and the free and easy way to do this is to download OpenOffice, run Open Office Impress (the PPT lookalike), resize page set up to be roughly the right size for your images, insert or Copy>Paste your existing "too big" image into the Impress page then export>SWF. In your Xerte LO replace your existing JPG with the SWF version. It will resize much more graciously BUT it won't be visible on iDevices...


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Hi there,

I am experiencing a couple of issues and with little technical know-how and am not sure how to resolve:

1)      When I upload screenshots either JPEG or PNG to the toolkit the quality of them becomes quite poor, I have tried increasing the size of the files but this doesn't seem to make a difference.

2)      When exported as a zip the embedded webpages that I have included in my LO just show as black pages, when viewed via the project link they display fine.

I am using the sandpit version of Xerte currently whilst waiting to get it uploaded onto  a University server.

Any suggestions or guidance very welcome.

Many thanks,

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