[Xerte] Examples of addAsCuePoint for movies in desktop version?

KnowledgeWare knowledgeware at kccsoft.com
Wed Jun 5 02:03:19 BST 2013

Using xerte desktop 2.17, youtube movie template page ran into problems
after I upgraded to the latest Flash version, so I've downloaded the youtube
and am running it out of the xerte movie icon.

The problem I found is that the nice annotations on youtube get lost during
this process, so I'm trying to figure out how to use addAsCuePoint to put
some text annotations back into the movie.

Does anyone know of any code examples around of how to do this? I've got a
script icon after the movie icon and have added 'addAsCuePoint' there
pointed to the ID of the movie icon, and put an interaction icon after all
this and added an 'event' listening for the 'addAsCuePoint' event name, but
can't seem to get it to trigger.



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