[Xerte] xerte package not exporting

Bardell Jason jason.bardell at kent.fire-uk.org
Tue Jul 30 17:01:22 BST 2013

Hello only me again

I have been asked to export a xerte LO onto a CD for another organisation.  The LO was written using xerte 1.8 many moons ago (a year) and now we have xerte 2.0 running.

First observation that when running in IE10 you can't view all of the tabs in project properties, they appear 'project' miss a tab space width then the next tab 'notes' and the pattern continues but no scrolling options, the tabs conclude at 'RSS'.

Getting back to my main problem.  When I use Chrome or IE9 I can view all of the tabs, when I use 'Export' tab, I click on 'Get deployment zip', I get a zip file which appears to come with multiple files.

When I click on the 'index_flash.htm' nothing happens in Chrome and a pop up in IE9 tells me about activex controls, nothing happens when I click ok to open. On both platforms all I see is a white screen.

I have used F12, I can see messages (chrome) under console -

Failed to load resource,
Failed to load resource,
Uncaught ReferenceError: rloObject is not defined
Failed to load resource
Uncaught ReferenceError: XTInitialise is not defined
Uncaught ReferenceError: windowsResized is not defined

Is it just me?

Many thanks


Jason Bardell | Kent Fire & Rescue Service |

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