[Xerte] Couple of glitches with embeded video and contents button

Bardell Jason jason.bardell at kent.fire-uk.org
Mon Jul 1 15:45:57 BST 2013


We have experienced a number of glitches in xerte2.0, these relate to:

1.      Embeded video content but especially YouTube videos, displays message "failed to load, try again later" inside youtube video frame. This is temperamental and works on some pcs. Also trying to proceed past embed video pages has proved problematic with the next screen going 'black'.
2.      Contents button, sometimes returning to homepage instead of selected page. This is usually the page before or after embedded video. At the moment its failing to get past one of our LO embed video pages.

You might be able to replicate this through a LO of the above point.


Are there any solutions to the above?



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