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tsaccs tsaccs at eastdurham.ac.uk
Wed Jan 30 13:40:30 GMT 2013


We're having problems with ldap on xerte, in our ldap table we have the following.

Ldap_knownname: xerte
Ldap_host: xerte.domain.ac.uk
Ldap_port: 389
Ldap_username: cn=staff
Ldap_password: password
Ldap_basedn: dc=domain,-dc=ac,dc=uk
Ldap_filter: cn=staff
Ldap_filter_attr: sAMAccountName

Firstly does this look correct and secondly we get the following error Issue connecting to ldap server (#2) : Binding

Also the guide mentions switch.txt I don't have this so im assuming that the guide is for an older version?

BTW were running it on iis.


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