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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Fri Jan 11 15:38:42 GMT 2013

Hi all and apologies for cross posting.


I'm sharing this link to a Xerte HTML 5 LO
http://mitchellmedia.co.uk/xot/play_html5_36 for a couple of reasons...


1. It's an example of a HTML 5 Xerte LO

2. You might also be interested in the iPad related content


There's a Google form on the last page of the LO if anyone has any comments
or suggestions for alternative solutions for conferencing from and between





For further info:


I've been supporting some colleges in the East Midlands on an LSIS project
which is really all about their respective Moodle developments but they also
wanted to be able to create relevant training material using iPads and more
importantly to conference and collaborate remotely outside of their f2f
meetings from and between iPads. So a relatively unique challenge - but
there are one or two options for hosting direct from iPads and obviously
loads of options for content creation and we explored these during training
I delivered yesterday.

In prep for the training I also decided it was worth creating a Xerte
learning object purely with HTML 5 consumption in mind and very much
optimised for iPad consumption. As such it's an example that won't work
correctly via the Flash player and demonstrates some of the extra benefits
of HTML 5 playback. Of course it's viewable on any HTML 5 compatible device
not just iPads, but I've used layout options and image sizes optimised for
iPad portrait viewing.



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