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Smith, John J.J.Smith at gcu.ac.uk
Fri Dec 13 15:40:24 GMT 2013

Hi Jeff,

I'd recommend looking through this forum post (look at the later postings - from about page 8 onwards):


There are a few things that this could be and you (or your IT team) might be able to eliminate some of them straight off...

I don't think that this is related to the flash cookie bug (session issue) however since it doesn't work in IE (which has never shown this problem). It is only usually Firefox and Safari that have that issue... Can you edit and save the LOs and then exit and go back and edit the LO where you left off? If so then your sessions should be working fine. Try adding a few pages and then adding a PageLink (highlight some text and right click on it).

My first suspicion is that it is some kind of mod security filtering, possibly the "302 found" issue again, see page 10 of that forum posting....

Due to the multitude of different server setups, it can be a difficult one to track down so please bear with us...


John Smith
Learning Technologist
School of Health & Life Sciences
Glasgow Caledonian University

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I have a problem I have been trying to solve for the past three weeks, hoping for a little guidance

I cannot upload any images using any version of IE or Firefox

I did try Chrome just to view any JS errors and that uploaded just fine, so I do not believe it is my server settings ??
My IT group seems to think that Chrome is just more standards compliant (whatever that means),

[cid:image001.gif at 01CEF818.DDD12D60]

Here is my setup:

System: Linux a305lv002 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.51-1 x86_64
LMS - Moodle 2.5.2
Moodle authentication -  Apache2 Winbind
Xerte online toolkit (latest version) is installed inside of my moodle diectory

I am assuming this is a session error of some sort, I cannot get xerte to acknowledge any authentication
( I really do not care if I stay a guest user, but our corporate browser is IE)

  <body>authentication_method = 'Moodle';
    //$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Ldap';
    //$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Db';
    //$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Static';
    $xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = "Moodle";

No matter what method I try, I get this error

[cid:image002.gif at 01CEF818.DDD12D60]
So I am either looking for a way to pass the authentication, or reset the session, I'm not sure, looking for guidance.

Or do I just need to only use Chrome, since that works?

Thanks for any help,

Monroe (Jeff) George
Quality, Environmental Systems Engineer

Glasgow Caledonian University is a registered Scottish charity, number SC021474

Winner: Times Higher Education's Widening Participation Initiative of the Year 2009 and Herald Society's Education Initiative of the Year 2009.

Winner: Times Higher Education's Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers of the Year 2010, GCU as a lead with Universities Scotland partners.
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