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Fri Dec 13 00:26:02 GMT 2013

Thanks Pat and others for suggestions re the 'insufficient editing
priviliges'. We'll categorize that error as related to sunspot activity and
hope it disappears in XOT2.


To try to answer your question John the menu (graphic below) is html/js and
inserted via a flash page. It reads the parts/module names from a database
array, then turns on / off part and module marks as the user progresses, and
updates the database. I'm afraid I don't really understand your events and
how we might be able to use them. Right now a connector page brings you back
from a 'module' (just a sequence of pages) to the main menu, but we're
looking for a more elegant way to navigate.



If we use PageID to code the 'start of module' pages then the menu will know
(if Part 2 Module 3 is clicked, for example) to go to PageID=P2M3P1 (part 2
module 3 page 1), and so on. So I think we can navigate to the first page of
each 'module' by coding the PageID as long as it doesn't change. 


The more awkward issue at this point is coming back from the last page in a
module (how do we tag it as such??) to the menu. Right now we can use an
extra 'embed content' page as the end of page of each module to send it back
to the menu, but that means another empty page just with script at the end
of each module. Is it possible with your events to add specific script
coding to each page? Could we tag a page as 'EOM' (end of module) and on the
unload event navigate back to the menu? Sorry but I'm not understanding how
we might be able to use the page events, or your suggestion below:


The plan would be that the menu page would load, hook into these events and
as they fire, we get the pageID and tick that off from a list. This could be
automatically generated too when an XMLLoaded event fires or something.




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