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Smith, John J.J.Smith at gcu.ac.uk
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Don't know exactly what causes that error but I suspect that Pat's suggestion of expiring sessions is the most likely reason...

Anyway, would be interested in what you have done with the parts/modules html menu and specifically any core files that you have changed that could back you into another corner... if I know in detail what you are trying to do then we can perhaps make it easier to add hook points into the xenith core allowing you to keep the majority of your code out of the core files meaning that they can more easily be updated in the future...

For information, what I'm planning to is not that complicated. We'll be creating a XENITH closure around all the xenith code and then using built in jQuery magic to do the event handling. I was going to write something that could have got complicated but jQuery internally handles most of what we are trying to do so we can build on that...

What this means is that we will be doing something like:

    XENITH.events.on('pageLoaded', function () {
      alert('page loaded');

To bind to events and the xenith core will be periodically firing off events like


I've created a jsfiddle (http://jsfiddle.net/CYBLP/1/) which demonstrates the simplicity of this method and that you can have multiple events on each and they will fire in turn...

The plan would be that the menu page would load, hook into these events and as they fire, we get the pageID and tick that off from a list. This could be automatically generated too when an XMLLoaded event fires or something...


John Smith
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School of Health & Life Sciences
Glasgow Caledonian University

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I'm still on XOT 1.8 (trying to move to 2) and running into intermittent 'ERROR: Insufficient Editing Priviliges' issues when trying to edit a LO.

This error message is in 'EDIT.PHP' and the trigger is on Line 234 as below in pink/yellow. It appears that the LO I'm trying to edit does not have 'Editable=True' set, however this problem is intermittent and only appears occaisonally.

For instance, this morning I logged in as per usual and got the error (windows did multiple updates last night, not sure if that had any effect). Then I logged in as another user and it went away, when I logged in as the original user it was OK and the error did not appear.

I'm not good with PHP, can anyone tell me in plain language what this error is telling me, and when it happens how I might be able to overcome it?

BTW: almost done with a parts/modules html menu for XOT2, will wait for John's page events to deal with dbase communications.


                                                * Wiki mode - check to see if template allows anonymous editing.

                                                $string_for_flash_xml = $xerte_toolkits_site->users_file_area_short . $row_edit['template_id'] . "-" . $row_username['username'] . "-" . $row_edit['template_name'] . "/data.xml";

                                                $buffer = file_get_contents($string_for_flash_xml);


echo "<h3>ERROR: Insufficient Editing Privileges</h3>\n";

                                                                * Wiki mode not set        ????????  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN  ??????

                                                                * Wiki mode set

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