[Xerte] Re: Chmod for web published by Xerte 2.18

Suhaila Haji Mohd Hussin bell_beauty12 at hotmail.com
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I just asked the technician and he just said that I should reset the home directory to include global execution permission so I typed   chmod 711 ~/public_htmlAnd again then I tried accessing http://clyde.cs.nott.ac.uk/~sxm20u/hlsTest/index.htm and it still gives me Access Forbidden 403:(SuhailaFrom: DPerry at hull-college.ac.uk
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Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 10:19:50 +0000
Subject: [Xerte] Re: Chmod for web published by Xerte 2.18


It's hard to know what the option is because chmod is a linux thing. Programs (i.e. the web server software) run as a user on linux (and windows), but in linux you can put that user into a group (usually for security reasons). So you'd need to get the gory
 details of that from the server administrator (and for security reasons you might not get it out of them) - so, your best bet is to speak to a server administrator.



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I'm having a trouble in accessing the HTML document published by Xerte. It's working fine in preview (Xerte) and in local machine.

I put chmod 711 for public_html and put 644 for the folder that contains the web pages (HTML). Whenever I publish it produces index.htm FYI. When I created HTML from scratch (not using Xerte) and saved it as index.html it works but I want whatever I publish
 from Xerte to be accessible.

I tried 755, 664. None works (Nothing displayed on the browser).

Please help,

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