[Xerte] Re: Upgrading xerte online toolkits to 1.8

Fay Cross Fay.Cross at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Sep 12 12:16:54 BST 2012

Hi Remy

I've just spoken to a colleague of yours at ALT-C who said you have had some problems upgrading (sorry I can't recall her name - Rose?). She showed me your installation where she thought you had installed 1.8 but it was definitely missing things and still looked like 1.7 to me. What are the problems you are having? She seemed to be saying that you had installed it but nothing seems to have changed, or are the problems before you complete the installation?

Someone on the list (probably not me!) should be able to give some advice if you let us know what's failing.


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I was planning to write up some instructions and.or screencast but haven't found time yet. Here's a quick summary:

1. backup existing database and directory just in case
2. drop 1.8 code over top of existing code (for an upgrade you don't need the setup folder)
3. visit the install to test the basics are working ok via guest access e.g. create and test an LO
4. If you are using LDAP for authentication visit http://yourinstall/upgrade.php to copy details from sitedeatils to ldap table
5. change from guest to ldap or one of the other authentication options in config.php by commenting/un-commenting the relevant line
6. If you are using Moodle for authentication read and follow the instructions in the moodle_integration_readme file
7. refresh index.php and test login and creation etc


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Subject: [Xerte] Upgrading xerte online toolkits to 1.8


Could anyone point me to a set of instructions for the above please?  I am experiencing some problems upgrading on a Linux web server so will appreciate any help.



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