[Xerte] Integration with Drupal

Gunnar Mathisen | Wild Web gunnar.mathisen at wildweb.no
Fri Jul 6 19:47:38 BST 2012

I'm currently experimenting with integrating XOT and Drupal. I will
publish everything when it's done, but that might take a while. If
anyone wants to have a look at my code in the mean time, just let me
know, and I'll share it here.

So far I have set up log-in integration modelled after the existing
patch for Moodle. Everything seems to be working OK, but I had to rename
some functions as they had the same name in Drupal and XOT. For future
versions, perhaps it would be a good idea to use prefixes on all native
XOT functions, to make integration with other code easier?


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