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Kemp Johnathan johnathan.kemp at ntlworld.com
Mon Dec 3 13:56:31 GMT 2012

I have taken a look at the model files to see which pages use the decision

After finding that the bullets page uses the decision icon I then ran some

By default the decision icon in the bullets page is set to


This results in the page listing every bullet.

If however you replace the repeat value in the property page with a number


Then only the first three bullets gets listed.

So I guess the answer is you put a number in (without any quotes) and the
decision icon will run that many times.

Hope that helps.

You may find that taking a look at the bullets.rlm file in your xerte
installs \pages\models\ folder will cast some light on its use.

Kind regards


PS sorry for the delay in replying - very busy on the Connector page
documentation at the moment.

On 3 December 2012 11:55, Dave Burnett <d_b_burnett at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  No takers?
> Help says the Repeat property will take All or a number.
> If I use a number, nothing happens.
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> Subject: Decision icon repeat
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>  What goes in the property sheet of a decision icon to have it repeat a
> set number of times?
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