[Xerte] Re: Looking for custom template developer Xerte 2.17

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Wed Aug 15 07:44:45 BST 2012

Mr. Callens,

1. This is one of the things that is on my personal wish list, drag and 
drop with images. I don't really understand what you mean with full 
width, half height. But the concept is clear to me.

2. Also this shouldn't be too difficult, except perhaps for the 
colouring of specific text with brackets. I am not sure whether I like 
that solution. You can already add colour by using font tags, but I 
admit, that is not the easiest to do either.  Perhaps I can add a right 
click context menu for colouring.

I will do (at least most) od these things, but I will not use 2.17 for 
that. I will use xerte 2.18/xot 1.8, because then it is so much easier 
to maintain. (in xerte 2.18/xot 1.8 the models are shared between the two.).

What would be the cost? Im my case, in principal, patience...

If you have a real urgent need, or have to make a deadline, we can 
discuss it off-line (in Dutch if you want).


Op 14-8-2012 16:46, Hugo Callens schreef:
> I am looking for somebody who can develop some custom templates for me:
> 1. Drag and drop image with full width and half height image; the text to drag should be placed underneath or above instead of left/right
> 2. Model answer with image: full width and half height in upper half of the stage; possibility of zooming and/or dragging if image is larger than the stage; adding colour to specific phrases in the feedback area (e.g. words surrounded by brackets should be automatically set in blue)
> Anybody interested? What would be the cost?
> Thanks for your reply.
> Hugo Callens
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