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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Tue Aug 14 11:33:15 BST 2012

You can search the list archive via

re flv
is it a windows server you are using? Even if not the fact that your flv
works locally but not online suggests it could be mime types e.g. on Windows
servers .flv isn't enabled by default and needs to be added

re .swf locally
this could be flash player security settings? Add the path/locations of your
project as a trusted location.


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Hi everybody
I'm working on a distance learning project that you can see on line at the
following address:
I'd like to use Xerte to make some scorm from the moodle project I've tried
your online tools,  I was uploading and visualising correctly some .
pdf converted to  .swf (using print2flash), then  I tried to upload a .flv
video but it did not work (could not see any video uploaded), so I tried
with the 2.17 downloadable version ad I had the opposite problem: I could
correctly include the .flv video but the pdf converted .swf files were not
correctly visible.
Can someone help me?

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