[Xerte] Re: question re inserting quiz.rlm into desktop xerte

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Sep 26 10:07:38 BST 2011

Think like AW's KOs.

Some are application level - for example the page templates template, which is the same thing as the Xerte Online Toolkit in Toolkit (maybe we should change Page templates to Xerte Online Toolkit in standalone xerte). The entire application is constructed using the wizard. The end user does not interact with the flow line at all.

Some are page level. You can mix them up with your own custom code, thanks to Jonathan's work.

In all cases the wizard is used to edit the xml that the template uses.

The template's logic is implemented in a model. Think like AWs models, a chunk of flow line that does a particular thing. In this case they are data-driven by the xml edited in the wizard.

I guess a temple comprises a wizard, some data and a model.

Does that help?

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Thanks to all for suggestions on this but I'm still confused...maybe it's terminology.

I find the hierarchy of desktop/toolkit / wizard/model/template very confusing to understand.

I have always been confused by this - please tell me if I'm doing something wrong or if my install is not correct.

I'm in the desktop xerte, and I choose the 'template' menu. I'm confused as to what templates are and how they differ from 'wizards', but I will read more of the help files. Further down that menu are the a) b) c) menus which I believe are the page 'wizards'. I select the e) interactivity / quiz and the 'Open the wizard?' dialog comes up....I click 'Yes' and desktop xerte minimizes to the task bar and that's it. No wizard opens, and I cannot reopen xerte from the task bar. The only option is to shut it down and start the cycle over again.

What should be happening here? I'm assuming that the wizard should open, then I populate the wizard and 'save' it, correct? What happens after that - should the wizard get inserted into the desktop xerte flowline, or do I need to shutdown, then restart desktop xerte and somehow import the wizard (ie as a model?)


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