[Xerte] Re: Can't get export to work

Henk Klopping henk at fortean.org
Fri Oct 21 23:46:34 BST 2011

David Goodwin wrote:
> The closing ?> is not required in a PHP file and it's often best left 
 > off to avoid White space issues - as we've just experienced !

I know, that's what the Zend folks tell us. I strongly disagree with
them: if you have a { you should have a matching }. If you have a
<html> you should match it with a </html>. And if you have a <?, please
match it with a ?>. That's mandatory if you mix html with php, so why
make an exception for PHP only? Either that, or leave out the initial
<?php - if possible, I never tried it.

Trailing whitspace in a file that is GENERATED is simply the result of
bad coding.

BTW: the very same [censored] at Zend tell us that we should NEVER use
CRLF line terminators - it should be LF's only. I told you so ;-P..

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