[Xerte] Re: Can't get export to work

Henk Klopping henk at fortean.org
Fri Oct 21 12:17:59 BST 2011

David Goodwin wrote:

> It's a non-issue (line endings). 

I dunno. See, sometimes it happens that systems barf when something is 
at the end of a line or file that should not be there ;-P..

The only problem I had with it is that when I compared versions of some 
text file with i.e. vimdiff I got a lot of ugly [^M] blocks, which 
somewhat distract. But a simple pipe through dos2unix will resolve it 
and if it really does not matter I might even make that change permanent.

Just to reassure: so, you dont' expect stuff to break if I'd convert all 
text files that are currently in DOS format to Unix format?

> If people want a .deb or something then it wouldn't be too hard to create, 
 > but there are still some manual steps required when installing Xerte
 > (e.g. choosing what to use as 'index.php' and so on).

Agreed, but having an RPM at least would give us the benefit that 
updates would be much easier to do for the "simple user" - and wasn't 
the entire raison d'etre for this package that it is targeted at folks 
whom are good at teaching but not that good with technical stuff?

Anyway, we're in trivia now, in essence I agree, David.

Stuff that is not so trivial: folks, we really SHOULD have some 
additional testing of the package before we declare something 'stable'. 
I volunteer to help there. If a new release is published, I will install 
it an test it and report my findings. And if I can find some time, will 
try to bake an RPM.

Looking forward to the new version. Which, I hope,will be accompanied by 
a MD5 or SHA1 sum..

Finally: thank you all for helping me out!

Suuuomikkie vinnouuven,
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