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At the risk of filling the listserver with trivia, I have a third question

I made a short lesson today using the onlinetoolkit in my PC under xampp.
Works fine.

I zipped it using the built-in facility then FTPd it to my remote server. It
unzipped correctly, the media are in the right place and all seems well.

I connect to the site, the blue progress bar appears and it says that it has
finished loading and to wait. I wait but nothing happens. The progress bar
is about 80% across. I then refresh the screen. The progress bar fills
completely and then nothing. Any clues???

I am working from Thailand with a relatively slow connection but I do not
think that this should matter for the amount of traffic involved. My server
is in the US. I have not checked the versions of php and mysql but believe
that they are likely to be ok.

Advice would be greatly welcomed.


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