[Xerte] Transcript chunks in Media Interactions template (XOT)

Simon Barne simonbarne at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 12:27:25 GMT 2011

To make a Dictation or a Drag and Drop Words interactivity from the Media
Interactions template, apparently you need to break up the transcript of a
recording into chunks. I found an example in an old post in this mailing

<chunk s="3" e="6">here is  a chunk of transcript</chunk>

I guessed  the "s" was the starting point and the "e" the ending point of
the chunk in seconds, so I broke up my transcript like this:

<chunk s="1" e="13">Blah blah</chunk>
<chunk s="13" e="28"> Blah blah blah</chunk>
<chunk s="28" e="40">and so on</chunk>

I still can't get either activity to work. The sound (an MP3 file) plays for
only a moment. The whole transcript, not the first chunk, is very briefly
highlighted in yellow. No randomised words appear in the Drag and Drop Words

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Is there documentation anywhere?

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