[Xerte] Some Modification Questions in Page Wizards (attn. JK)

Deborah Delin admin at strivney.com
Mon Mar 7 10:25:10 GMT 2011

Hi Jonathan,

Hope it's OK if I ask about two issues in one post.

1.  *Highlight Colour : * In Drag Drop Label* *the highlight line for the
hot spots is black and rather hard to see on my colourful image.* * In
Hotspot Image Sound the line is yellow and seems to be defined by
hicol="0xFFFF00"*  in the .xml file.  But I can't find any reference to this
in either the .xml or the .xwd file for Drag Drop Label and if I add the
above snippet to the .xml file nothing changes.

2.  *Narration: *The issue I mentioned earlier with the narration not
showing up on the first page in the Templates does't seem to be a problem
with the Page Wizards.  But I would like the narration to play automatically
when the page loads, as it does with the Templates.  I tried adding *
autostart="true"* in various places but, as you will have realised, my
modifying skills still need quite a lot of practise!

Please could you advise.  Thanks so much in advance.

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