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It would be tricky to do that I'm afraid. To change the size of the stage, we just scale the whole movie

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Just a quick question about the "Display Mode" (1st 'page' in a Xerte tutorial, which sets the size of the window).

We can choose from 'fill window, full screen and default'

'Default' gives you something around 800x600, if you add images/ video they retain their actual size (unless there isn't enough canvas space, then they are shrunk).

'Full screen' and 'Fill window' both seem to give you something which fills your monitor resolution, when you add images/video they are all automatically scaled somehow, losing their original size, becoming resampled/resized, a few templates such as Ispring, JING, Youtube occasionally become very enlarged.

For this reason, we have been using the ' default' option so images/video don't get resampled/blurred etc.

What we are wondering is, if there's any way to make images/video stay on their native/normal dimensions and not get resized when using the full/fill display mode?  Could it be done by editing the templates maybe, perhaps removing some % dimension styles someplace?



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